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Access to Justice for everyone


ASTRA will undoubtedly be vital for building trust in DeFi projects, ensuring that the incredible journey can continue, but that is just one of many excellent use cases. As well as providing the all-important decentralised legal layer, our technology brings affordable access to justice to all sections of society, not just the rich and powerful.

Several projects are now appearing that focus on making banking available to those without access or that insure the uninsured. We believe access to justice for all is equally as important. Most people haven’t got vast amounts of resources to spend on court battles or have months and years to wait until they see justice. With ASTRA, we want to bring access to justice to everybody — without the need to spend thousands on litigation or wait years for the outcome.


Justice is expensive, at least it has been to date. Even small-scale litigation in the UK costs between £2,500 and £10,000 in administration expenses alone, even before you add in legal fees, and usually takes between one and two years to resolve.

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The cost in both time and money may be harmful to individuals and companies wishing to settle disputes so they can carry on with their day-to-day lives.

At ASTRA, we see this as a significant barrier, and we recognise that something needs to change.

Take for example, if someone wanted to buy a smartphone from a seller in a different country via blockchain. What happens if the phone arrives and is not as advertised or simply not fit for purpose? Until now, there has been no affordable, effective way to resolving the issue on-chain. However, if both parties had agreed to use ASTRA as the dispute resolution protocol, the situation would be different. In that case, the issue could be resolved quickly with appropriate subject matter experts deciding the outcome remotely, at a much lower cost than other legal processes.

No need for courtrooms.

ASTRA maintains a diverse pool of human experts covering an extensive range of expertise — meaning we can resolve a vast spectrum of issues, from small-scale to more complex international business disputes.

With no need for courtrooms and a large pool of many different subject matter experts, ASTRA brings access to justice to those who would otherwise have to suffer their losses and live with unfair situations.