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Tokensoft is a leader in the field of token sales and blockchain projects. They have facilitated many successful fundraising efforts for ventures across different industries, including Web3 initiatives like Hedera Hashgraph and Synthetix. With over $1 billion raised through their token sales toolkit along with more than 18+ billion combined market caps created since launch – Tokensoft has been a benchmark in the industry.

Tokensoft’s innovative queuing system was integral to Avalanche’s successful raise, which helped them attract 42 million dollars within 4 hours. Tezos also set new records when it achieved 232 million USD worth of contributions, which was the most raised in a token sale at the time.

Astra Protocol and Tokensoft have struck a deal to bring greater security and consumer protection to Launchpad platforms. Using Astra’s compliance layer, Tokensoft aims to bring a decentralized KYC service to its customers and platform users. The idea is to boost security while maintaining privacy and anonymity — two essential features of crypto and blockchain.