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KYC for Web3

Onboarding the next billion users to Web3

150+Countries 300+Sanctions and watchlists

About us

Astra Protocol

Astra Protocol is the next generation of compliance, a decentralized KYC Platform for Web3.

Our application brings the financial regulatory standards for 150+ countries and over 300+ sanctions and watchlists to the crypto industry without sacrificing anonymisation.

Our Solutions


Know your customer

  • 150+ countries
  • 300+ sanction/screening lists
  • Biometrics
  • On-chain data
  • Graded KYC risk scores
  • Decentralized legal network (DNL)


Know your business

  • 150+ countries
  • 300+ sanction/screening lists
  • Beneficial owners check
  • On-chain data
  • Graded KYC risk scores
  • Decentralized legal network (DNL)


Anti money laundering

  • Web3 data
  • Web2 fraud screening
  • Anti-terrorism watchlist
  • FATF standards


Full customized reporting

  • Web-based analytical platform
  • Exportable reporting
  • Customizable dashboards

Our Product

Get to know our product and its capabilities

Know your Customer

Below is a comparison of our three unique KYC packages, from standard compliance through to an enhanced service up to our most comprehensive extended offering.

Identity Screening
ID (incl. identifying photograph with back)
Utility Bill
Date of Birth
Source of Funds
PEP & Sanction screening
On-chain Proof
Decentralized Legal Network Audit
Multi Jurisdictional Check







KYC & KYB Coverage

Astra’s geospatial coverage for our services across the globe including the time in which verification is completed

Our Team

Get to know us

Damien O’Brien

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Arthur Ali

Co-Founder and Treasury

Jez Noah Ali

Co-Founder and Director

Sakhib Waseem

Chief Innovation Officer

Adam Ali

Chief Compliance Officer

Aaron Ali

Head of Operations

Dr. Sam Kelly

Head of Research & Development

Ellis McGrath

Lead Technical Analyst

Thad Cox

Executive Creative Director

Ewold Habing

Development Lead

Pavol Megela

Full Stack Developer

Rene Pronk

UX/UI Design Lead

Our Advisors

Advisory board

Phil Hogan

Executive Advisor

Mick Mulvaney

Strategic Advisor

Young Sohn

Strategic Advisor

Kirstjen Nielsen

Strategic Advisor

Lord McNicol

Strategic Advisor

RT.HON. Professor Sir Robin Jacob

Executive Advisor

Brian O'Dwyer

Executive Advisor

Richard Doherty

Executive Advisor

Johan van den Arend Schmid

Chief Technical Architect

Our Partners


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